Top 100 Muslim Boy Names Starting with S

Top 100 Muslim Boy Names Starting with S

Naming a child is a significant decision, especially in the Muslim tradition, where names hold deep meanings and significance. Choosing a name for your son can be both a joyful and thoughtful process. Here, we delve into the realm of Muslim boy names, particularly focusing on the top 100 names starting with the letter “S,” each carrying its unique essence and symbolism.

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Criteria for Selecting a Muslim Boy's Name

Before diving into the list, understanding the criteria for choosing a Muslim boy’s name is crucial. Names should have positive connotations, be easy to pronounce, and preferably have a link to Islamic history, Quranic references, or the Prophet’s traditions (Hadith).

Muslim names often encapsulate deep meanings, reflecting qualities like faith, strength, wisdom, and devotion. Names like Saif (sword), Salman (peaceful), and Saeed (fortunate) epitomize these values.

Sami (elevated), Sufyan (pure), and Sabir (patient) are names resonating with spirituality and virtue, embodying admirable qualities encouraged in Islam.

Names like Safwan (rock), Shakir (thankful), and Shahid (witness) draw inspiration from nature and virtues, symbolizing resilience, gratitude, and awareness.

Samiul (elevated), Saadiq (truthful), and Sarim (lion) are gaining popularity, reflecting modern sensibilities while holding onto meaningful roots.

In a diverse world, names like Sameer (breeze), Saahir (wakeful), and Saalih (virtuous) reflect cultural diversity, echoing the beauty of varied backgrounds within the Muslim community.

Top 100 Muslim Boy Names Starting with "S"

Here is a curated list of muslim boy  names starting with “S,” reflecting the essence of Islamic heritage, values, and aspirations:

  • Saad – Meaning “felicity” or “prosperous,” Saad represents the joy and success parents wish for their child.
  • Sami – This name signifies being “exalted” or “high,” reflecting the hope for the child to achieve greatness in life.
  • Suhail – A name denoting “gentle” or “easygoing,” embodying a calm and affable personality.
  • Saeed – Meaning “fortunate” or “happy,” conveying the parents’ desire for their child’s well-being and happiness.
  • Salman – Signifying “peaceful” or “safe,” reflecting a wish for the child’s safety and tranquility.
  • Shoaib – This name is inspired by a Prophet’s name, reflecting respect for prophets and their teachings.
  • Sabir – Meaning “patient” or “enduring,” emphasizing the value of patience in life’s challenges.
  • Saif – Representing “sword” or “brave,” symbolizing strength and courage.
  • Sufyan – Denoting “pure” or “chaste,” reflecting purity of character and values.
  • Shahid – Meaning “witness” or “martyr,” signifying integrity and dedication to principles.
  • Samiullah – Meaning “elevated by God,” symbolizing divine guidance and blessings.
  • Sarim – Denoting “lion,” representing strength, courage, and leadership qualities.
  • Saqr – Meaning “falcon,” symbolizing speed, vision, and agility.
  • Suhayb – Reflecting “reddish-brown hair,” this name signifies uniqueness and individuality.
  • Sufiyan – A variant of “Sufyan,” carrying the same meaning of purity and goodness.
  • Saaleh – Signifying “virtuous” or “pious,” reflecting admirable moral values.
  • Sahil – Denoting “shore” or “coast,” representing stability and resilience.
  • Samar – Meaning “evening conversation,” symbolizing companionship and communication.
  • Saifullah – Translating to “sword of Allah,” embodying strength and divine protection
  • Saadiq – Signifying “truthful” or “honest,” reflecting integrity and sincerity.
  • Safwan – Meaning “rock,” symbolizing stability and firmness in character.
  • Salih – Denoting “good” or “virtuous,” emphasizing righteousness and moral goodness.
  • Saeel – Reflecting “traveler,” symbolizing a journey and exploration in life.
  • Sabbir – Signifying “patient” or “persevering,” reflecting endurance and fortitude.
  • Saqib – Meaning “shining” or “radiant,” symbolizing brightness and positivity.
  • Safir – Denoting “ambassador” or “messenger,” symbolizing diplomacy and communication skills.
  • Sahib – Reflecting “companion” or “friend,” symbolizing loyalty and camaraderie.
  • Salam – Meaning “peace,” embodying harmony and tranquility.
  • Salman – Denoting “safe” or “secure,” symbolizing protection and well-being.
  • Sameer – Reflecting “entertaining companion,” emphasizing joyful and sociable qualities.

Top 100 Muslim Boy Names Starting with "Sh"

Significance of Names Starting with "Sh"

In Islamic tradition, names are not just labels but convey a sense of identity, personality, and aspirations. Names commencing with “Sh” often symbolize qualities like virtue, guidance, and prosperity. They’re believed to carry blessings and positive attributes, making them a popular choice among parents seeking auspicious beginnings for their children.

Throughout history, names like “Shahid” and “Shakir” have held prominence. Their historical significance dates back centuries, symbolizing martyrdom and gratitude, respectively.

Names such as “Shayan” and “Sharif” carry meanings of virtue and nobility, originating from Arabic roots that emphasize honor and grace.

In recent times, names like “Shaan” and “Shahzad” have emerged, resonating with modern aspirations for success and royalty.

The popularity of names like “Shayan” and “Shakil” continues to grow, blending tradition with contemporary relevance, making them appealing choices for parents today.

Exploring Muslim Boy Names Beginning with "Su"

In Islamic culture, names hold deep significance, often reflecting values, beliefs, or historical connections. Among the multitude of beautiful Muslim names, those starting with “Su” carry unique meanings and stories. Exploring the top 100 Muslim boy names beginning with “Su” unveils a world of cultural richness and timeless significance.

Top 100 Muslim Boy Names Starting with S

Top 10 "Su" Names Explained


Suhaib originates from Arabic and means “reddish-brown hair.” It carries historical significance as Suhaib ibn Sinan was a close companion of Prophet Muhammad.


Subhan represents praise and admiration for Allah. It’s a name reflecting the glorification of God’s attributes.


Sufyan means “bright” or “radiant.” It’s a name cherished for its positive connotations and associations with light and brightness.


Sulaiman, derived from Prophet Solomon, signifies wisdom and strength. It’s a name revered for its historical and biblical significance.


Meaning: “Gentle” or “Easy-going”.


Meaning: “Ruler” or “King”; signifies authority and leadership.


Meaning: “Sun”; symbolizes brightness and radiance.


Meaning: “Spiritual”; reflects a connection to spirituality and devotion.


Meaning: “Canopus” (a bright star); represents brightness and guidance.


Meaning: “Small sword”; symbolizes strength and determination.


Meaning: “Mystic”; reflects a spiritual or philosophical inclination.


Meaning: “Reddish” or “Of reddish hair”; similar to Suhaib, signifying physical traits.


Meaning: “Pleasing” or “Charming”; denotes a delightful personality.


Meaning: Variant of Sulaiman; signifies wisdom and intelligence.

Each of these names carries its unique significance, contributing to the rich tapestry of Muslim names starting with “Su.”As trends evolve, the future holds the promise of new and innovative “Su” names, blending tradition with modernity.

Top 100 Muslim Boy Names Starting with "Sha"

Names hold profound significance in Islamic culture. The prefix “Sha” signifies nobility, honor, and strength. It’s a reflection of values deeply rooted in Muslim traditions. Choosing a name for a newborn is a cherished tradition, often carrying sentiments of hope and blessings for the child’s future.

Top 25 Popular "Sha" Names and Meanings

Shaheen: Noble and Royal

Originating from Arabic, it embodies nobility and is associated with strength and leadership.

Shahid: Witness or Martyr

Symbolizing those who bear witness, it’s a name of high reverence in Islamic culture.

Shakir: Thankful and Grateful

Reflecting gratitude and appreciation, it’s a name that emphasizes the virtue of being thankful.

Shazad: Prince or Royalty

Carrying regal connotations, it signifies royalty and leadership qualities.

Shamir: Rock or Precious Stone

Symbolizing strength and resilience, this name reflects durability and solidity.

Shadman: Happy Soul or Cheerful Mind

Evoking positivity and joy, it signifies a contented and joyful spirit.

Shahir: Renowned or Famous

Carrying the essence of fame and recognition, this name highlights prominence.


Shahroz: King of Happiness

A name that embodies happiness and joy, signifying leadership in spreading positivity.

Shaarif: Honest and Noble

Reflecting honesty and nobility, it represents integrity and uprightness.

Shafin: Protector or Guardian

Symbolizing protection and care, it signifies someone who safeguards others.

Shamikh: Proud and Dignified

Reflecting pride and dignity, this name signifies self-respect and honor.

Shakeel: Handsome or Good-looking

A name that signifies physical attractiveness and charm.

Shabaz: Royal Falcon

Carrying the symbolism of royalty and strength, likening one’s traits to a majestic bird.

Shayyan: Intelligent and Wise

Reflecting intelligence and wisdom, it signifies a sharp mind and astuteness.

Sharif: Honest and Virtuous

Similar to Shaarif, it embodies honesty and virtuousness, emphasizing moral integrity.

Shayan: Worthy or Deserving

Reflecting worthiness and value, it signifies someone deserving of respect.

Shahmir: Moon-like or Radiant

Evoking the radiance of the moon, this name symbolizes brightness and beauty.

Shahbaz: Royal Falcon

Similar to Shabaz, it denotes regal attributes and strength, akin to a majestic bird.

Shahwaiz: Melody or Musical

Signifying musicality and harmony, it’s a name associated with melodic qualities.

Shaharyar: Friend of the King

Reflecting friendship and loyalty, it signifies companionship and allegiance.

Shahzaib: Crown of Gold

Carrying the imagery of a golden crown, symbolizing prestige and honor.


Shafeeq: Compassionate and Kind

Embodying kindness and empathy, it signifies a compassionate nature.

Shabbeer: Patient and Tolerant

Reflecting patience and tolerance, it signifies endurance and resilience.

Shaquil: Handsome or Attractive

Similar to Shakeel, it embodies physical attractiveness and charm.

Shahmeer: King of the Seas

Evoking the vastness and strength of the sea, this name signifies power and depth.

These names represent a blend of virtues, qualities, and imagery, offering a wide array of meaningful options for individuals seeking names beginning with “Sha” for their child.

Choosing the Right Name for Your Child

Selecting a name goes beyond its sound or popularity; it involves contemplation. Factors such as meaning, pronunciation, and cultural relevance play pivotal roles.Studies suggest that a name can shape an individual’s personality and self-perception. Therefore, parents often seek names that imbue positive traits and virtues.

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